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County History
County History In the early 1800's, the area now known as Sutter County was inhabited by the native Maidu Indians. Members of various Spanish expeditions in search of mission sites, and fur trappers lured by the abundant wildlife, traveled through in 1841. The bulk of the territory was deeded by the Mexican Government to the County's namesake, John Sutter. Established in 1842, John Sutter's Hock Farm was the first large-scale agricultural settlement in Northern California, composed of grain, cattle, orchards and vineyards.
County Links
Visiting Channel Link. Sutter at a Glance
A quick introduction to the geography, agriculture, festivals and heritage of Sutter County.
Government Channel Link. Sutter County Memorial Museum
The Community Memorial Museum is a department of Sutter County and provides exhibitions, research and school programs for the local community.
Government Channel Link. Sutter County Museum Exhibits
In addition to permanent exhibits the museum also displays special exhibits in the Main Hall that rotate every three to four months.
Visiting Channel Link. Sutter History
The history of Sutter County from the early 1800's and its incorporation into the State of California in 1850.
Web Links
External Web/Internet Link. Historic Cemeteries
The historic cemeteries of Sutter County containing graves of some of the earliest settlers in the area.
External Web/Internet Link. Historic Sites
Visit some of our historic sites including the Sutter County Courthouse and the beautiful and unique Sutter Buttes.
External Web/Internet Link. Museum Guide
Visit the local museum including the Sutter County Memorial museum which regularly presents new and interesting exhibits with a local flavor.
External Web/Internet Link. Sutter County Genealogy & History
What do the Maidu Indians, the Mexican Government, John Sutter, gold diggers and the settlers have in common?
External Web/Internet Link. Sutter County Historical Society
Visit the Sutter County Historical Society's website.
External Web/Internet Link. Yuba City's History
Learn how Yuba City was founded in 1849 and served as a distribution center for supplying the Gold Rush 49ers.
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