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Sutter County website banner Help & Info Channel
Sutter County website banner Sutter Buttes - the smallest mountain range Sutter Buttes - the smallest mountain range Sutter County website banner


Website Help and Information
Website Help & Information As you may have noticed, the Sutter County website has been redesigned from a traditional departmental based orientation to a new service-based channel architecture.

Six primary channels have been designed and constructed to allow website visitors access to information and services based on a specific perspective: 1) Living, 2) Working, 3) Business, 4) Visiting, 5) Government and 6) Emergencies. Additionally, Website Help & Information is an adjunct channel to assist in website usage and navigation as well as provide website specific information. A channel based architecture allows for a logical and intuitive organization of information that provides easier and quicker access to desired topics of interest.

Below is a list of help and information items that may be of particular interest to you. These links can also be accessed in the right-hand column of the page while navigating the Help & Information channel.
Website Help Channel Link. General Website Help
Contains website usage and page layout information as well as website FAQ and external links.
Website Help Channel Link. Website Map
Provides a visual organization of the website as well as direct access to listed pages.
Website Help Channel Link. Website Policies
Various website policies are presented including privacy, security, disclaimers and accessibility.