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Mental Health Services Act
Mental Health Services Act Sutter-Yuba Mental Health Services is pleased to acknowledge the passage of Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act. Thank you to all who supported this important, ground-breaking legislation.

Five components comprise the Mental Health Services Act:
Prop. 63, The Mental Health Services Act, funded by a new tax on high income individuals, is designed to expand and transform California’s county mental health service systems. It stipulates that the State Department of Mental Health (SDMH) will contract with County Mental Health Departments to develop and manage the implementation of Prop. 63’s provisions. However, it is important to note that in the first year of implementation, no services will be funded. The legislation requires an intensive planning process by each county to develop and submit 3 year plan proposals for executing the purpose and intent of the Act. The State Department of Mental Health intends to assure that county mental health departments expend funds made available through the act towards a state-of-the-art, culturally competent system that promotes recovery / wellness through independence, hope, personal empowerment and resilience for adults and seniors with severe mental illness and for children with serious emotional disorders and their families.

SYMHS wants to involve people with mental illness and family caregivers in the planning process. To find out more or to participate, please contact Patrick Larrigan, Staff Analyst or Megan Spooner, Workforce Education and Training (WET) Coordinator at (530) 822-7200.
Purpose and Intent of Prop. 63
  • To make serious mental illness among seniors, adults and children a priority and promote early intervention and prevention services and medical and supportive care to prevent mental illnesses from becoming severe and disabling
  • To reduce the long term adverse impact on individuals, families and state and local budgets resulting from untreated serious mental illness
  • To expand successful, innovative programs that have demonstrated their effectiveness for adults, children and seniors, including culturally and linguistically competent approaches to the under served and others most severely at risk of serious mental illness
  • To provide state and local funding for services that cannot be paid for with other funds
  • To ensure that all funds are expended in the most cost-effective manner and in accordance with recommended best practices subject to local and state oversight

The legislation requires an approved 3-year plan and for each of three years allocates:
  • 10% to education and training programs
  • 10% to capital facilities and technological needs
  • 20% to Prevention and Early Intervention programs to prevent mental illness from becoming severe and disabling
  • 5%for Innovative Programs that increase access to services and to under served groups, that promote interagency collaboration, and that increase quality and outcomes of services
  • The remaining funds are allocated locally to:

    • Services for children with severe mental illnesses
    • Services to adults and seniors with severe mental illnesses
    • A prudent reserve to help maintain new programming in years when certain revenues decline below the average of previous year

After this 3-year period funding will no longer be prescribed by category, and may be used for:
  • Services to children, adults or older adults
  • Technological needs and capital facilities
  • Human resource needs
  • A prudent reserve
Contact Information
Staff Analyst: Megan Ginilo
Address: 1965 Live Oak Blvd., Suite A
Yuba City, CA  95991
Phone Number: (530) 822-7200
E-mail:   Send Message
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