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Sutter County website banner Emergencies Channel Menu
Sutter County website banner Emergencies Channel
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Emergency Services - For immediate, life threatening emergencies dial 9 1 1 This section of our website is a comprehensive source of links and information for just about any type of emergency you are likely to find yourself in. See also, Development Services Department's Emergency Management Division for detailed information on disaster preparedness, evacuation and more.

If you have an immediate, life-threatening Emergency,
DIAL 911
Sutter County Emergency Services. Sutter County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Visit the main website for Sutter County Office of Emergency Management (OEM).
Emergency & Crisis Agencies. Emergency & Crisis Agencies
A list of contacts and links that take you to information relating to different emergencies.
Fire. Fire Prevention and Response
What to do in case of a fire and other fire safety & prevention informational links.
Food & Shelter. Food & Shelter
Here you can find information on shelters, food kitchens, food stamps and more.
General Community & Public Concerns. General Community & Public Concerns
Issues of public health and other local concerns.
Hazardous Materials. Hazardous Materials
Reporting a hazardous material spill, handling hazardous materials and more.
Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement
How to help prevent a crime and what to do when a crime has been committed or is in the process of being committed.
Medical & Personal Emergencies. Medical & Personal Emergencies
Information on first aid, emergency rooms, poisoning, missing persons, etc.
Mental Health. Mental Health
Information, links and contacts concerning the mental health of children and adults, suicide prevention and more.
Other Natural Disasters. Other Natural Disasters
Information relating to earthquakes, storms and floods.
Violence & Abuse. Violence & Abuse
Information on elder, spousal and child abuse.
War & Terrorism. War & Terrorism
Public vigilance, preparedness and what to do in the event of an emergency situation.