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Sutter County website banner Online Services Channel
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Sutter County Online Services Portal
Sutter County Online Services One of the goals for Sutter County is to provide its citizens and website visitors with online services available on a 24/7 basis. Online services allow individuals to conduct certain business with the County during times and at locations that are convenient to the user.

Some online services include property assessment and tax search, Veterans Memorial Building reservations, child & adult abuse reporting, and much more.

Below is a list of online services that may be of particular interest to you. A list of these links can also be accessed in the right-hand column of the page while navigating the Online Services portal.
County Links
Online Services Channel Link. Agriculture Weather Station Data
Get the latest weather data from the Weather Station at Garden Highway.
Online Services Channel Link. County Phone Directory
Interested in contacting a specific County department or entity. Let your mouse do the walking...
Online Services Channel Link. Election Results
Use this service to find the results of the last election.
Online Services Channel Link. Ettl Hall Reservation
Use this service to reserve Ettl Hall and the rose garden for an event.
Online Services Channel Link. Firewood Cord Calculator
Use this service to help you determine the quantity of firewood delivered.
Online Services Channel Link. Food Facility Inspection Reports
Review conditions that may exist at a food facility prior to visiting the establishment
Online Services Channel Link. Forms  (incl. abuse and fraud reporting)
Need to contact the County or desire to provide feedback? Need to report child / adult abuse or welfare and medicare provider fraud? Use our convenient online forms.
Online Services Channel Link. GIS Data Download
GIS map project and shape file downloads.
Online Services Channel Link. How Do I Find Information About A Subject
Locate help for a particular subject and find Services provided by Sutter County.
Online Services Channel Link. Marriage License Application
Submit your online marriage license application.
Online Services Channel Link. News
View all the current news as well as past news articles appearing on the Sutter County website.
Online Services Channel Link. Pay Taxes Online
Pay your taxes online.
Online Services Channel Link. Polling Place
Don't know where to vote this coming election? You can easily find out by using this service.
Online Services Channel Link. Records Search
Search for property assessment and tax information or for official records.
Online Services Channel Link. Recreational Facilities: Boat Launch Facility Status
View the current status and scheduled opening or closing of the Boat Launching Facilities.
Online Services Channel Link. Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Invitation for Bids (IFBs)
Submit proposals for Sutter County goods and services.
Online Services Channel Link. Road Closures & Construction
Known road closures and construction scheduled for roads within Sutter County. This information is updated by Public Works, division of Development Services Department.
Online Services Channel Link. Road Service Request
Use this service to make various road maintenance requests for potholes, damaged signs and more.
Online Services Channel Link. Sheriff Inmates
View inmates who are in custody at the Sheriff's Jail.
Online Services Channel Link. SutterHelps (Program Eligibility Tool)
SutterHelps is a simple and convenient way to find out if you might be eligible for several programs that serve families and children in Sutter County such as CalWORKS, Medi-Cal, Section 8, WIC and more.
Online Services Channel Link. Tax Sales
Sign up here to be notified when the next property tax sale is scheduled.
Online Services Channel Link. Tisdale Boat Launching Facility
View the current status and scheduled opening or closing of the Tisdale Boat Launching Facility.
Online Services Channel Link. Vendor Registration
Register your company with Sutter County so you can be notified of future Request for Proposals (RFP's). Search vendor list, edit your profile and more.
Online Services Channel Link. Veterans Memorial Building Reservation
You can use this service to reserve the Veterans Memorial Building for your next event.
Online Services Channel Link. Vote by Mail
Use this service to determine the status of an absentee ballot you have returned to the Elections Office.
Web Links
External Web/Internet Link. Sutter County Library Catalog Search
Online catalog search for the Sutter County Library system.
External Web/Internet Link. Sutter County Library Renew Books
Renew your books checked out on the Sutter County Library system (which is integrated with the Sacramento Public Library System).
External Web/Internet Link. Yuba City Online Services
Online access to property related information such as permits, licenses, contractors, utility and more.
External Web/Internet Link. Yuba City Recreation Activity Registration
Register for recreation activities, events and programs in Yuba City.
External Web/Internet Link. Yuba City Streetlighting Service Request
Request service or maintenance for a streetlight in Yuba City.
Note:   We are not responsible for the content of external web sites. View the County's External Website Disclaimer.
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